Political parties urged to back NHS investment

SNP MSP Ruth Maguire has called on her political opponents across Cunninghame South to get behind the Scottish Government’s draft budget proposals that commits an extra £729 million for health and care services.  

Last month, Finance Secretary Derek Mackay MSP announced plans to increase spending on NHS frontline boards by £430 million – a 4.2% increase on 2018/19 spending.  

MSPs will vote on draft budget proposals next month, that include an extra £90 million to improve waiting times and a further £8 million to support trauma networks.  

Analysis from HM Treasury, shows health spending per head in Scotland is almost 9% higher than in England, amounting to over £1 billion more spending on health services for Scotland compared to England.  

Commenting, Ruth Maguire MSP for Cunninghame South, said: “The SNP in government is investing record amounts in our NHS, to build a health service fit for the future. 

“Our plans would take spending levels to £754 million over and above inflation since 2016/17 – that’s the equivalent of 19,000 extra nurses.  

“As a cherished public service for the past seventy years, MSPs must do all we can to ensure our health service is properly funded and fit for the future.  

“That’s why I’m calling on my political opponents across North Ayrshire to get behind the Finance Secretary’s plans that will protect the health service – ensuring it remains safe in public hands, not put at risk of privatisation by the Tories.”


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