Today in a meeting of the Scottish Parliament, during Rural Affairs and Island Portfolio Question time, Ruth Maguire MSP asked the Scottish Government what its response is to the Snarewatch Annual Report 2021 from OneKind.

Mairi McAllan, Minister for Environment and Land Reform, responded on behalf of the Scottish Government.

Ruth Maguire MSP asked:

“To ask the Scottish Government what its response is to the “SnareWatch Annual Report 2021” from OneKind?”

The Minster for Environment and Land Reform, Mairi McAllan responded:

“I am aware of the report’s findings and I understand the concerns around the use of snares.

We recently concluded a review of snaring, as required by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, which we will publish shortly. I have commissioned an additional review, which will look beyond the terms of the 1981 act to consider a potential ban on snaring. It will look at land management aspects of the matter, as well as animal welfare.

In the meantime, Scotland has the most robust laws on snaring in the United Kingdom. We remain committed to the highest possible animal welfare standards.”

Ruth Maguire MSP asked for further detail on the second review commissioned:

“I thank the minister for that very full answer. Ending cruelty against animals is tremendously important to me and my constituents. With that in mind, will the minister tell us more about the second review that she has commissioned?”

Mairi McAllan responded:

“I am happy to do so. As I said, the initial review is complete, and I will be pleased to share the detail of it shortly. I have commissioned the further review and we will look beyond the terms of the 1981 act, including at considering a ban. I hope to announce the details of that shortly.

I know how strongly the member and the public feel about the matter. I am clear that we need control measures, but we cannot and must not tolerate suffering. I will look to include that in the terms of the review.”

The exchange can be found on the Scottish Parliament Official Report here:

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