Ruth climbs the 143 steps of Kilwinning Abbey’s 200 year old clock tower

On Friday 11th November, local MSP Ruth Maguire enjoyed a special visit to Kilwinning Abbey hosted by Christine and Andrew of Kilwinning Heritage in advance of the 200th anniversary of the completion of the clock and its tower on Saturday 12th.

Commenting after the visit, Ruth said:

‘This iconic Kilwinning landmark has come to represent the town both locally and internationally and it was a great pleasure to be shown around by Christine and Andrew in the year that we mark its 200th anniversary’

‘It was a privilege to enjoy the panoramic views of Ayrshire from the top of the tower and to see the 1816 clock and bell mechanisms on the way up’

I am hugely grateful to Kilwinning Heritage for their work in promoting and preserving our rich heritage and history, of which our now 200 year old clock tower is a particularly striking example, and would encourage everyone to visit the Heritage Centre housed in the tower and experience it themselves’

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